The Backstory

The Backstory

I. Hate. Cooking.

Let me just put that out there from the get go.

Now that we’ve established that core principle, let me tell you why I’m here.

I am embarking on a self-inflicted journey into all things domestic. I want to cook better food for my family. I want to live on a sustainable budget that allows for ample savings. I want a semi structured life that allows for less stress and more family fun. I want every room in my house to be clean at the same time. (That last one may be wishful thinking with 2 toddlers calling the shots.) In short I want the Pinterest-y, super mom, parenting blog heaven we all dream of.

My dilemma? I’m not perfect and life isn’t perfect.

So with my bar set realistically low, I am beginning my journey today. The road will be tough and marred with (hopefully) silent curse words along the way, but I want to share it with you. I want to create a  safe haven for all of us that struggle to live up to the Internet ideal of parenting. I may be trying to go a little Pintrest-y, but I will never be the “perfect Pintrest parent.” I am hoping to find a happy medium that works for me and my family. Also, I know myself, and if I don’t put some sort of checks and balances in place, I will not succeed. So you guys are it. My accountability. My fail safe. Don’t let me go this alone.


One thought on “The Backstory

  1. As long as you don’t give up you will do great!!! No one was born knowing how to cook, so we all’ve been there 🙂 good luck on your adventures!!


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