Drumroll please…

Drumroll please…

Welcome to the new site! I shocked myself today by actually following through with my plans to revamp the blog this week. It is still a work in progress, but I’m happy with what I’ve done so far. You see, despite the fact that I started a blog, I am not tech savvy in the least. It took me far longer than I’d like to admit (an undisclosed number of hours, yes hours, as in more than just one) to get what I have so far updated onto the page. Several times I thought I had something done correctly, only to go view my page and see none of the changes. I finally managed to get it all sorted out, and here are the results! Let me know what you guys think!

I also scored a HUGE win with dinner tonight. It was time to try another new recipe, so I opted for Lemon and Old Bay seasoned Tilapia. I have never cooked anything other than fish sticks before, but I was not as scared as I thought I would be to try this. Maybe it was because the picture on Pinterest looked so good. I was just ready to try it! I paired it with another new Pinterest find,  parmesan zucchini and corn. Take a look!


That’s right, this dinner was good enough to warrant a picture! I mean, I really outdid myself this time guys! I recommend everyone trying both of these sometime because they were both ridiculously delicious. And if you aren’t a fish eater, at least go make the zucchini and corn side dish. I promise you, you’ll thank me. I could have eaten the entire bowl!

So today has been just full of successes! And these are coming just behind 3 other major winning moments!! I was champion gamer at Friday game night with my friends. I FINALLY beat my brother at Munchkin on Sunday and Monday I won a contest for the first time in my life! I am currently on a major life upswing, and I’m loving it!! Let’s see how far it can take me!


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