Poptarts for dinner

Poptarts for dinner

So, last night I finally made the orzo pasta. It was an ordeal and not even worth the effort. I got a late start, which meant I was rushing. This is never a good thing. Speed is my friend in every other aspect of life, but in the kitchen? It only ever leads to pain and suffering.

During this speed round, I managed to burn everything. The garlic. The carrots. My hand. TWICE. I also:

-decorated the kitchen floor with carrot peels

-topped that with about a cups worth of olive oil

-turned vegetables into missiles while chopping


-cut myself pretty damn deep with the child safe peeler

Needless to say, I was not remotely in the mood to eat by the time the dust had settled and dinner was done. Here’s the end result.


At this point an old adage comes to mind. “Looks can be deceiving.” TRUE. Very, very true. I did not like this one bit. I’m really weird about texture, and this was just mushy and gross. Luckily, my family is not as discerning, and the kids and husband were able to eat it just fine. Me on the other hand? I feasted on gourmet pastries in the twilight of the evening. Which is to say, I grabbed some Poptarts around 9:00 when the anger finally subsided enough for me to feel hungry.


I think is trying to become the next IPhone photo phenom. She is constantly taking pictures, and gets bent out of shape if her “subject” isn’t cooperating. For example, last night she was having a photo session and decided to get a little artsy. She carefully placed a water bottle just so on an end table and began snapping pictures. J kept knocking the bottle off. S had an all out artistic fit, frustrated tears, yelling, and desperate attempts to make J understand the importance of said bottle included. Did I mention she’s just barely three?

Her final product.
Her final product.